Ownership of the Site; Acceptance of Rules of Use

This Terms of Use Agreement applies for www.yeatup.com as well as all websites and applications including the mobile phones and various digital environments of YeatUp’s subsidiaries and affiliates, partnerships and collaborates (collectively “the Website”). The Website is owned by NBT Dijital Mobil Eğitim Danışmanlık ve İçerik Paz. LTD. ŞTİ. YOU DEEM TO ACCEPT THIS TERMS OF USE AGREEMENT BY USING THE WEBSITE; IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT, YOU SHOULD NOT USE THE WEBSITE.

YeatUp reserves the right to change, append, add or remove items in this Terms of Use Agreement at its sole discretion. The responsibility to control these changes regularly belongs to you. Continuing to use the website after the changes are published means that you accept the modifications. Additionally, YeatUp has the right to shut down or suspend a part of or the entire website.

Content and Copyright Warning

Ownership, control and licence of every kind of text, graphic, user interface, visual interface, photograph, trademark, logo, audio, music and computer code (collectively “Content”) including  photographs, texts and other images installed by the Users in the website, the design, structure, choice and editing of the said content included, but not limited to, belong to YeatUp or third parties bearing the licence and is protected pursuant to relevant law.

Unless expressly stated otherwise in this Terms of Use Agreement, no part or content of the Website can be copied, duplicated, published, installed, demonstrated, exhibited, coded, translated to another language, be transferred to another computer, server, website or other media and distribution organ or be transferred for another commercial initiative or be distributed without clear prior approval of YeatUp. YeatUp, at its sole discretion, may allow Users to publish, forward, and download the content to their computers and can revoke, cancel or restrict this authorization.

Every kind of criminal, legal and financial liability will belong to the relevant user in the case of any kind of violation of intellectual property rights of third parties or personal rights including the unauthorized use of the profile picture or other images and the content belonging to other Users in the Sites and Applications.

Website Usage; Illegal Practices

Only real persons at the age of 18 or older may use this website. A User Account should be created by logging in the system in order to be able to use the Website and relevant applications. Users can sign up on the website directly or can create an account by linking to YeatUp via their social media accounts (for example Facebook) which can be possible in two ways; i) to the extent that the use and privacy conditions of the relevant social media account permits access to YeatUp’s social media account, or ii) by providing YeatUp with the login ID of the social media account via the website.

Users declare and undertake that YeatUp can access their social media accounts without any liability to YeatUp (with purposes written hereunder but not limited to) and this does not violate  the terms of privacy and use of relevant social media accounts.

In addition, Users accept and acknowledge that, by authorizing YeatUp to access their social media accounts, YeatUp can access their sharings on social media accounts and can relate these with YeatUp accounts and profile pages. Unless otherwise decided, the contents of social media accounts may be used by YeatUp. In addition, Users can change terms of privacy and terms of use anytime in account settings.

It is prohibited to access, obtain, copy or track, duplicate or transfer any part or content of the website, obtain or attempt to obtain any material, document or information. YeatUp reserves the right to prevent these kinds of activities.

You cannot attempt to access, illegally and without authorization, any part of the Website or other systems, networks, servers related to the Website or any service on the Website or introduced thereby.

You cannot attempt to track information of another user or visitor or another customer of the Website including any User account other than yours. You cannot use the Website or any service or information given thereon to disclose personal information (including, but not limited to) of others except your information as stated by the Website.

You cannot use any device or software that might affect the correct functioning of any operation conducted on the Website or that might affect the safe usage of the Website by another person.

You cannot use the Website or any content thereof for a purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by your User Agreement and/or Terms of Use herein or to conduct an illegal activity or another activity violating the rights of Yeatup or other persons. Otherwise, every kind of criminal, legal and financial liability incurred will belong to you and YeatUp will, under no circumstances, be held liable.

Amount of Purchase, Updates, Services

YeatUp keeps the right to restrict service purchase amounts. Without any prior notice, YeatUp can   make a change in products or services presented on the Website or the service providers and conditions of the said products or services. Choices on the Website regarding the products or services may lose their actuality and Yeatup does not undertake to update the products or services on the Website including but not limited to the content and supply.

Accounts and Security

Certain features or services on the Website or introduced thereby require you to open an account (create an e-mail or password). It is your responsibility as a User to protect every kind of information in your user account including the password and the security and privacy thereof is under your responsibility. Therefore, it is mandatory that you promptly notify YeatUp of the unauthorized use of your account or password or other security violations. You may be kept responsible for the damages incurred to another user or visitor of the Website or YeatUp in consequence of not ensuring the privacy and security of your account information.

You cannot use another person’s e-mail, password or account without the explicit permission of the owner of the said e-mail, password or account. YeatUp, under no circumstance, will be liable for any damage or loss arising from your failure to comply with these obligations.

After signing up to the system with the user account, it is the User’s responsibility to create a profile page and update the profile page and keep the contact information updated. In order for YeatUp to use the said content, each User gives YeatUp a non-exclusive, transferrable, and royalty-free international licence to which a sub-licence can be assigned regarding any content within the scope of intellectual property rights such as photograph and video uploaded by the User. When you remove the said content, in case the said content has not been shared, this Intellectual Property Licence given terminates.


YeatUp Privacy Policy applies in the usage of this Website and terms of the said policy have been made a part of this Terms of Use Agreement through this reference.

Links to Other Websites

This Website may contain links to independent third party websites. Said Linked Websites have been given only to provide ease to visitors. Said Linked Websites are not under the control of YeatUp and YeatUp is, under no circumstance, liable for the contents of the Linked Websites.


Colors and dimensions of the places and products in this Website are shown as accurate as possible. However, since these colors and dimensions are based on the resolution of your screen, it is not warranted that your monitor will show colors or dimensions accurately.

Violation of Terms of Use

You acknowledge that YeatUp can share your information (including your identity) regarding any inquiry or complaint against you for the improper use of the Website or in case it is detected that sharing information is mandatory in order to identify any person, contact this person or commence legal proceedings against the said person who could violate or interfere with the legal rights of YeatUp or the rights of other users on the Website. YeatUp reserves the right to share information assumed necessary in the case of legal processes or legal demand.

You acknowledge that every kind of violation of Terms of Use hereby may constitute unlawful and unjust application and YeatUp can terminate your membership without informing you in advance.

Applicable Law, Settlement of Disputes

You accept that all matters regarding the use of and accessing the Website, including all disputes, will be subject to Turkish Republic law and Istanbul Central Courts (Çağlayan) shall be the competent jurisdiction.


Please read our Privacy Policy regarding this subject.

Personal Data Gathering and Usage

Personal data notifies the data which can be used to identify a person or to contact him/her.

Pursuant to your User Agreement, your personal information may be requested. YeatUp may share, process and use this information in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Information (name-surname, contact information, e-mail address, T.R. Identity Number) that you give while signing up are stored within legal restrictions. 

In addition, password, user name, credit card information or other personal information are never requested via e-mail.

You should ensure that your contact information is accurate, complete and updated.

Personality Principle 

Use of the Website is private and the user account cannot be transferred to or be used by another person without a prior written consent of YeatUp.