Having dinner in a restaurant is very good, but it’s ordinary and there are moments that call for a special toast high above the ordinary. Let us help you to create a one-of-a-kind gathering for your next birthday celebration dinner, client outing, team building and more!

Corporate hospitality

Want to impress your customers?

Face to face interaction is an important need when it comes to building or maintaining relationships with prospects or most valued customers. It is certain that their time is valuable and that customers won’t attend corporate hospitality events if they are not attractive. So don’t take them through the same routine and offer more than a luncheon in an restaurant. Sharing an experience with a contact and entertaining decision makers the right way, can work like magic! Just make them feel special…

Team building

Want to increase sales and profit?

Organize a memorable dining event for your team! Team building events are well worth the investment. They can perfectly break the ice and encourage communication while mitigating conflict. Spending time together outside the working environment and sharing an experience leads to more engaged employees, which in return hits the bottom line. A RedBalloon/AltusQ report for instance found that companies with high employee engagement levels are up to 10 times more likely to see an increase in sales and profit than those with lower engagement. So let us help you to indulge your team, recharge their creative cells and increase collaboration and boost motivation.

Birthday celebration dinner

Want to have a stylish and sophisticated birthday celebration dinner?

No matter how old you or your beloved one’s are turning, there’s something special about dedicating one day a year to celebrate life with friends and family. Home-cooked delicious food served in a private venue especially dedicated to you and your friends will make every moment memorable.

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Note: At this stage we can only make arrangements in Istanbul and Bodrum